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Juniperus squamata Bonsai by Hugh Grant

The Juniperus squamata is a cascading juniper tree of approximately 25 years of age. This tree clings to the edge of life and exhibiting the toil of life through contrasting dead wood and life wood supported by healthy foliage representing a bad time passed. Juniperus squamata is a highly sculptural piece moving outside the conformities of its ceramic pot.

Hugh is a Sydney/Central Coast based artist. His work centres around an exploration of the natural world using minimalist aesthetic drawn from organic inspirations. He works in photography, 3D metal works and tree making (Bonsai), the latter of which informs most of his work. The tree exists as an aesthetic entity whilst maintaining its function as a metabolising, living thing. This relationship with this line of exploration creates questions about landscape, the world, and our humanism.

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  • Image of Juniperus squamata Bonsai by Hugh Grant